Touch Screen Bingo

Touch screen bingo has helped to take online bingo to exciting new heights that were never before though possible. Allow us to run down all you need to know about touch screen bingo, including the sites, tips, getting your own software and a brief history.

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Real Money Online Bingo

There are plenty of sites offering you real money online bingo on your touch screen devices. We are going to share the top sites with you, and also a couple of tips to consider when using your touch screen for online bingo.

Top Sites

  • Gala Bingo – Suitable for Apple, Android and other platforms. New players can claim £15 from the welcome bonus deal.
  • Gone Bingo – New players are spoiled rotten with 900% worth of bonus funds. Before that there is a no deposit bonus of £15 to try out the site with your touch screen.
  • mFortune – Supports a wide range of touch screens. There is a £5 no deposit and 100% first deposit for any new registrants.
  • LadyLuck’s Bingo – Available on the App Store or else directly from the site. New players can enter their number and get a £5 bonus.

Tips for Using Your Screen to Play Bingo Online

  • Make sure you can see everything – When playing on smaller touch screen devices the wagering amounts and other options maybe small on the screen. Be careful to avoid accidents when entering information.
  • Be gentle – Your touch screen device is relatively delicate when subjected to great pressure. Don’t press too hard on it because you want it to survive for a long time.

Bingo Nights – Software for Holding Your Own Bingo Fundraiser

Bingo machines have developed considerably thanks to the widespread uptake of touchscreen technology. You can get your own touchscreen bingo machine which would be perfect for hosting your own fundraisers. The commands are really simple to use and everything on the screen is clearly mapped out. Some of these devices even have amusing celebrity voices to choose as the bingo caller, so there is considerable entertainment.

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History of the Touch Screen

Work began on touch screen technology in the 1960s, taking decades before reaching the evolved technology designs that we are familiar with in the 21st century. Around a decade ago there was touch screen technology present in palm pilots, but these weren’t widely used. Palm pilots required users to utilise on stylus pens to draw on the screen and tap buttons. The next big breakthrough came in 2007 when Apple launched the iPod Touch, which represented the first commercial touch screen success for the company. Eventually this translated over to iPhones and iPads, as well as providing inspiration for other electronics companies.

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