Mobile Bingo on HTC Devices

What is a HTC device?  This simply refers to the mobile devices and tablets that have been manufactured by the HTC Company.  It stands for “High Tech Computer Corporation” and they develop a huge range of phones and tablets, but the great thing about using this device is that they all use the Android operating system.  If you are a regular in the world of mobile bingo, you will know that Android (as well as iPhones) is one of the most universally accepted devices when it comes to playing bingo, and with one of these devices in your hand you will ALWAYS be able to find great mobile action.

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The HTC Device

There are loads of HTC devices out there and whilst they mostly fall into the Android category, some of them have also been developed using the Windows operating system.  From the HTC Windows Phone 8X to the HTC Mozart, the HTC Pro, the HTC Radar and loads more that have been developed using the Windows OS to the HTC Hero, the Tattoo, the Droid and there HTC Desire (to name just a few) that have all been developed using the Android OS.  This means that BEFORE you try to download the mobile bingo games to your phone, you have to figure out what kind of OS your HTC uses.  If Windows, then it usually falls into the Smartphone category.  If Android, then of course it comes under the Android category.

HTC Android

If your phone is a HTC Android device then you can rest assured that it is compatible with most of the biggest bingo sites out there.  Head to Gala Bingo and you will see that they have even specifically named the HTC Sensation and HTC Desire as compatible phones, and this is true of the majority.  You can also head to mobile specific sites like Moobile Games and Lady Lucks, or even hit Google Play to download any of the thousands of HTC friendly bingo apps on offer, like Bingo Blitz, Bingo Bash and more.

HTC Windows

The great thing is that lots of sites are also compatible with HTC Windows phones.  You can head to Lady Lucks and Moobile Games to grab bingo action on your HTC Windows phone, or even hit mFortune and big named sites like Mecca Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo and William Hill Bingo.

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